Tips from a recent college grad on how to land a spot at a do-good place

Just last Spring, Cassie Recker prepared to graduate from the University of Indiana by searching high and low, on land, by phone and on the many, many, many paths laid before her online for something of purpose to pursue after college.

President of the TOMS Campus Club at Indiana University, Cassie committed herself to spreading the word about movements, organizations, companies and campaigns that inspired her, and so she hoped to follow that commitment post-commencement. One day, she stumbled upon a few that likened a company called ESPEROS to the One for One promise that’s the backbone of TOMS, and after some exploring what that meant and reaching out by email, she landed herself an internship at a company she believes in.

ESPEROS is a backpack company that funds children’s education, founded on the idea that, in Central America, a child can be educated on US$20 per year. Read more

A philanthropic entrepreneur before he even knew what that meant

Don’t let Cameron Cohen’s age fool you. At 14, he’s already started his own programming and development business, and arguably more impressively, discovered the importance of true, selfless philanthropy. Here’s his story…

At 11 years old, I was diagnosed with a leg tumor and needed to have surgery. Luckily, the tumor was benign, but I still experienced a long recovery: a 10-day hospital stay, followed by a month in a full-leg cast and wheelchair, and seven months with a brace and crutches. I found myself with new free time and was looking for a distraction. I decided to teach myself how to program iPhone apps.

I’ve always liked technology, but it didn’t consume me. I was interested in more common 11-year-old things, like sports. I had never taken classes on iPhone app development; most of what I ended up learning was through Google-ing and watching videos from Stanford professors. Read more

How Eric Cope’s Business is Making People Smile

In the summer of 2010, Eric Cope and his wife, Geri, traveled to Central America on a trip that sparked a vision to improve children’s health around the world, and led them to launch Smile Squared – a company that asks consumers to rethink their toothbrush purchases and consider giving a smile to someone in need.  

How Smile Squared came to be: All of our children are adopted, and our son, Benny, who’s the oldest of our three, is from Guatemala. Our hearts have been invested in that country since we picked up Denny in 2005. Our loyalties and desire to help came to a head in 2012, when my wife and I decided it was time to give back to the communities surrounding the one that gave us our boy.

Read more

The One for One with Start Something That Matters

“It’s all good” with ecomom

Jody Sherman is the CEO & Co-founder of, a company committed to making healthy living easy for families, easy on the planet and good for all involved. Read as he explains “It’s all good,” ecomom’s new giving program…

From the moment my co-founder, Emily, and I decided to build our company, giving has been super important to us. From the time we launched ecomom in February of 2009, we have donated a percentage of sales to various charities that aligned with causes we are passionate about. As ecomom has grown, we’ve learned that there is more we can do beyond writing those checks. We were donating money to amazing causes, but we didn’t have a meaningful feedback loop in place that allowed us, and more importantly, our customers, to see that ecomom purchases were really making a difference.We said, “We can do better.”

ecomom is about providing moms with easy access to the best, safest, healthiest products for their families. We take great care in researching all we sell so our customers have nothing but the best products to choose from. Because the company found its start selling a single line of organic baby food, we looked right to nutrition when evaluating how our charitable contributions could make an impact in local and semi-local communities. When we followed that instinct and looked more closely into the figures, our growing team learned that, in the United States approximately 16 million children* do not have consistent access to adequate food. With new perspective and motivation, we knew hunger would be the issue ecomom would help combat. Read more

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